Mitch McConnell Wears A Tan Suit, Even Though It Caused A Scandal For Obama

On Monday, the term “tan suit” was trending on Twitter after photos showed the Senate majority leader wearing one while meeting with President Trump.

Once again, the specter of a tan suit is rearing its head in Washington, D.C. This time, though, the offender isn’t Barack Obama but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

On Monday, the term “tan suit” was trending on Twitter after photos were released showing the Kentucky Republican sporting some pale beige menswear while meeting with President Donald Trump.

As readers who were alive in 2014 will no doubt recall, then-President Obama wore something similar at a press conference that August, rocking American democracy to its very foundations. Republican officials like Rep. Peter King (N.Y.) criticized Obama for the grave misstep.

King told reporters the president’s outfit indicated a “lack of seriousness,” as The Washington Post noted last year.

Joking aside ― tan suits are obviously not a big deal, regardless of who’s wearing them ― references to Obama’s suit have become a kind of shorthand in the Trump era, as the Post notes ― a way of contrasting the relative lack of scandals during Obama’s presidency with the near-constant ones that have characterized the Trump administration.

On Monday, many Twitter users pointed out the hypocrisy of McConnell wearing the same kind of threads that Republicans once attacked a Democratic president for donning.

But it turns out, people did have a good reason to criticize McConnell’s outfit.

Some people speculated there was a method to McConnell’s madness:

Some suggested that other colors seemed more apt for the majority leader.

Actor Kirk Acevedo, known for his work on shows like “Oz,” “Fringe” and “Arrow,” was brave enough to ask the real question on everyone’s mind: Who wore it better?

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Obama 'Shames' An Entire Nation By Wearing A Tan Suit

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