Mitch Zarskey Says Security Camera Captured Process Server Pissing On His Property (WATCH)

A Texas businessman says he got an unexpected shock when his surveillance cameras caught a pissed off process server pissing all over his property.

"I thought, 'What the hell,'" commercial real estate broker Mitch Zarskey told The Huffington Post of his reaction to the video.

"I absolutely could not believe it," Zarskey continued. "I stood there and kept playing it over and over, basically trying to absorb what I was watching."

According to Zarskey, surveillance cameras at his $3 million dollar estate in Piney Point Village, Texas, captured the startling incident Sunday afternoon.

"I got home about 2 p.m. and noticed the light on my surveillance system was flashing, indicating the motion detectors had captured something," Zarskey said. "I played the video and saw a sweet grandmotherly looking person walk around my house. She stood in my flower bed and looked in my windows and then did her little routine."

The "routine" to which Zarskey refers, is the moment the unidentified women stepped between the cars in front of his home, pulled down her pants, and released the contents of her bladder all over his nicely paved driveway.

"Watch what she does with her hand in the video," Zarskey said, referring to the woman's apparent attempt to aim her urine stream. "Apparently she is very skilled at this."

After finishing her business, the woman is captured by the camera walking away in an apparent cloud of self-satisfaction.

The woman in the video was no stranger to Zarskey. He said she visited his home the day before she left him her parting gift.

"I was working outside and she asked if I was Mitch Zarskey. I assumed she was a salesperson so I said, 'No, he's not here.' She left, but a couple hours later I checked my surveillance system and noticed she had parked down the street and returned on foot. She spent about 5 minutes looking through the windows, ringing the door bell and all that. I thought that was kind of odd," Zarskey said.

As it turned out, the woman, according to Zarskey, is a local process server who was attempting to serve him with legal papers.

"I own a piece of property that I lease to an ATV facility," he said. "Attorneys are always coming after them for injuries and stuff like that and any time they do, I get named in the suit simply because I am the property owner. But, it's really no big deal to me because their insurance company is required to indemnify me."

Zarskey said he did not bother contacting local police because he felt the incident would be "a waste of their time." However, he did upload the video to Youtube and leave a note on his front door instructing the alleged process server on where she could watch the video.

When local media found out about the video they published a story on the incident. That story, Zarskey said, resulted in some criticism of his decision to post the video online. He said some people felt the woman might have heard nature calling and had no choice but to do her business in his driveway.

Perhaps, but Zarskey said he believes that to be a piss poor excuse for her actions.

"Right next door is another $3 million home like mine under construction and in the video you'll notice a porta-potty tent behind her, about 75 feet away. It's right there," Zarskey said.

The mystery woman has not been back to the property and Zarskey said he has yet to hear from the attorneys who sent her.

"This is shocking. She is part of the legal system. I have a feeling this is what she does when people piss her off. I don't think this is her first time. You can tell by her actions that she is experienced and thorough," Zarskey said.

He added, "The only thing I am grateful for is she did not go on my door mat. At least she did it on the driveway where I could hose it off."



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