Mitt Romney's 2014 Plans Include Campaigning For GOP Candidates

While his own presidential ambitions fell flat in 2012, Mitt Romney is already looking ahead to how he can help in 2014.

In a Thursday interview with the Wall Street Journal, Romney unveiled how he plans to make a national impact during the upcoming midterm elections. Among the ideas on the table: a book, a summit in Utah and last but not least, stumping for congressional GOP candidates -- with a level of moderation.

"I'm not going to be bothering the airwaves with a constant series of speeches," Romney told the Journal, via TPM.

Three months after losing the general election to President Barack Obama, Romney leveled to Fox News about the rigors of the end of his campaign, calling the experience a "roller coaster" filled with "ups and downs."

On the same day that Romney's WSJ interview went out, his wife Ann appeared on "CBS This Morning," vowing that she had "no regrets" about her husband's presidential run.



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