Mitt Romney And Women's Magazines

He was the No. 1 stunner in our Hot or Not primary, and yet the only metaphor reporters can come up with to describe the choice before Iowa voters is whether they're ready to settle for years of passionless sex with Mitt Romney. "In Iowa, a Time to Vote, and, for Many, to Settle," the New York Times reported on Monday. "Iowa Prepares to Settle for Romney," The Atlantic's Molly Ball wrote a few days earlier. Washington Examiner's Timothy P. Carney even quoted "Pride and Prejudice," lamenting, "Republicans are serial settlers when it comes to the presidency. Almost every time, GOP primary voters pick the 'respectable,' connected and seemingly safe pick." And Romney alone gets this treatment. No one writes about sex with Newt Gingrich -- about either wanting it or not wanting it. No one writes about crushes on Rick Santorum, even though the guy talks about bestiality and "the sexual realm." Why only Romney? Is it because Romney is good looking but kind of cold, like when Jude Law played a robot gigolo in A.I.?

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