Mitt Romney To Be Followed By Giant Birth Control Pack On Campaign Trail

In a new effort to draw attention to Mitt Romney's opposition to President Obama's birth control coverage mandate, Planned Parenthood is sending an unusual representative to follow the candidate on the campaign trail: a human-sized pack of birth control pills.

As The Hill reported, "Pillamina" will make an appearance at Romney's Wednesday stop in Lansing, Michigan. The costumed figure ties into a campaign on the organization's website, detailing the role birth control has had throughout history.

According to Planned Parenthood Action Fund President Cecile Richards, the group hopes to highlight that access to contraception is an "economic issue for women."

"That’s something that President Obama clearly understands, and that Mitt Romney simply doesn’t," Richards said.

Although Romney has stayed relatively quiet on social issues like abortion in recent weeks, his opposition to Obama's birth control proposal and his assertion that he would "get rid" of Planned Parenthood caused a stir among progressive groups earlier this year.

Last month, Planned Parenthood endorsed Obama and launched a $1.4 million ad campaign against the Republican presidential candidate.

"This is just the beginning," Dawn Laguens, the group's executive vice president, told the New York Times in May. "This is a very small down payment on what we intend to do to make sure people are very clear where the candidates stand."