Mitt Romney Flip Flops On Catfish

Romney Flip Flops On Catfish

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reversed his position on catfish Monday at a campaign stop in Alabama, according to the LA Times.

Romney, who is campaigning in the state ahead of its Tuesday primary, said he loved the freshwater fish.

"I had catfish for the second time," Romney said. “It was delicious, just like the first time.”

But as LA Times reporter Matea Gold pointed out in a tweet, the former Massachusetts governor expressed a different opinion just two short months ago.

During a campaign stop in Lexington, S.C. in Jan. 2012, the LA Times reported on an exchange between Romney and the owner of Hudson’s Smokehouse.

Romney peered into the smoker, and said he was not “a catfish man, or not a fish man so much."

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