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Romney Condoms 'Great For Any Position'; Obama Rubbers Won't Break 'As Easily As His Promises'

Politics and sex have long been intertwined, at least for some people. And if that's the case for you, there's now the perfect form of birth control.

Say It With A Condom, a customized condom company in New York, has just come out with prophylactics inspired by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

The Romney rubber is advertised as being "great for any position," while the Obama condom has the tagline, "Won't break as easily as his promises."

Company president Ben Sherman actually started making condoms for presidential poles back in 2008 when he released an Obama condom with the tag, "Use good judgment," that was based on the future president's idea that sound judgment was more important than experience.

The John McCain condom had "Old, but not expired" on its package."

The new Obama condom is advertised as "ultimate stimulus package for hard times."

Some of the jokes on the packaging are even more tasteless, proving that they're not for everybody.

"We also tell people that 'hope is not a form of protection,'" Sherman added.

The web page for the Romney rubber says it is "priced so low, even poor people can afford them" and it's one "safety net without any holes."

The 2012 condoms have only been out a few weeks, but Sherman said the Obama ones are outselling the Romneys by six to seven percent, which is well above the margin of error.

"I don't know if people are buying them as a sign of support," he said. "I think it's more of a gift."

Although the Obama condom tagline, "Won't break as easily as his promises," seems to be a good selling point for the opposition party, Sherman admits the Republicans' lack of support towards any kind of birth control could be affecting sales.

"Democrats just seem more receptive to condoms than Republicans," Sherman said.


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