Mitt Romney Debates Himself In Daily Kos Mashup (VIDEO)

Looks like Mitt has some explaining to do.

The Daily Kos's Jed Lewison pieced together a mashup of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney making comments about tax cuts, teachers and his proposed health care plan that contradict statements he made during last week's presidential debate.

The statements come from a February primary debate in Arizona, a June campaign speech in Iowa, and a March appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," respectively.

The former Massachusetts governor has enjoyed a bump in the polls following a strong performance last week in the first of three presidential debates. Gallup released a poll Monday that showed Obama and Romney tied among registered voters, with each candidate polling at 47 percent. President Barack Obama lead by five percentage points in a similar poll conducted in the three days prior to the debate

HuffPost's Election Dashboard -- an analysis of hundreds of local and national opinion polls -- showed on Monday afternoon the president led Romney in electoral votes, 281 to 191. In order to win the presidency, either candidiate must secure 270 electoral votes.

Click over to The Daily Kos for a full transcript of the video.

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