Mitt Romney, 'Son Of Detroit,' Tools Around Michigan In Car Manufactured In Canada

'Son Of Detroit' Romney Tools Around Michigan In Car Manufactured In Canada

Having seen Mitt Romney tool around the Greater Detroit area in two campaign ads in which he nostalgically recalls his childhood and his love of cars, you might be wondering, "What sort of car is he driving?" As it turns out, he's behind the wheel of a cherry Chrysler 300, the pride of Detroit. Oh, wait! Did I say "Detroit?" Sorry, ha ha, I meant "Canada."

Yes, as the sleuths at Blue Mass Group report, Romney's whip is a foreign-born Chrysler, manufactured in Brampton, Ontario and imported to Detroit so that it can be imported "from" Detroit. There was a minor kerfuffle over this car when the Made In The USA Foundation filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission after Chrysler launched its "Imported From Detroit" ad campaign, alleging false advertising. Chrysler defended itself, saying that the complaint was "without merit" because the ad campaign -- which famously kicked off with a Super Bowl ad that starred rapper Eminem -- featured the Chrysler 200, which is made in Detroit.

Blue Mass Group made this discovery when it compared the dashboard of the car in Romney's ad to Chrysler's specs, and determined that Romney's was motoring about in the foreign-born 300, instead of the locally manufactured 200. Did no one think to check the birth certificate?

It's understandable that Romney would have an affinity for Canada, and not just because he'd probably fit in a lot better with that nation's notion of a "severe conservative." In Canada, Romney would pay even less in taxes than he does in the United States. And he's made at least one famous trip there -- it was on a family outing to Canada that Romney lashed his dog Seamus to the roof of his car, which inspired the poor canine to defecate in terror. This incident has caused Romney to be subjected to persistent criticism. It has also launched numerous Gail Collins columns. (Romney may also feel the call of Canada because Seamus, upon arriving there, might have fled the Romney family in abject terror, never to be seen again.)

At any rate, when Romney says that "American cars" managed to get "into his bones," maybe he was referring to North American Cars?

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