'Dogs Against Romney' Reenacts Roof Ride (VIDEO)

'Dogs Against Romney' Reenacts Roof Ride

A member of the emergent "Dogs Against Romney" protest movement has filmed a reenactment of the infamous 1983 incident in which Mitt Romney drove from Massachusetts to Canada with the family dog packed in a kennel on the roof of the car.

"We've always imagined how terrifying such a ride would be, but this video really brings the reality of the experience to light," said a Dogs Against Romney release blasted out Monday by progressive advocacy group Americans United for Change. "The callousness -- the cruelty -- of subjecting a family pet to this FOR 12 HOURS, even after the dog soiled himself in fear, is difficult to fathom."

The video (see above) was filmed from inside a dog kennel on the roof of a car driving on a highway. A stuffed dog stares unblinking as the crate rocks back and forth in the wind.

Romney has said the dog enjoyed riding on the roof, even though the animal lost control of its bowels and had to be hosed off at a gas station. The New York Observer reported that the dog, Seamus, may have run away after the trip.

"Think about it -- a loving, loyal member of the Romney family, strapped dangerously atop the car, lonely, wind-whipped, uncomfortable, sick and now wet," the release says. "We believe this is wrong -- and a clear indication that Mitt Romney possesses a degree of detached coldness not easily comprehended by families who love their pets."

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