Mitt Romney Election Night Rally To Take Place At Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign will be based at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on election night, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

The Republican National Committee will host the event.

The news comes with the election just two weeks away and after the final presidential debate of the election season. President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off against one another in Florida on Monday night. Now, all eyes turn to November 6.

HuffPost's Ryan Grim and Joshua Hersch report on the final debate:

There may be a presidential election around the corner, but voters won't have two competing foreign policies to choose from at the ballot box, at least among the major parties. If Monday night's debate proved anything, it showed that when it comes to drone strikes, the war in Afghanistan, relations with Pakistan, the intervention in Libya, support for Israel or for "crippling sanctions" on Iran, there is little difference between the two parties.


Only the debate's 90-minute clock limited the ability of the two men to agree on the fundamental role of the United States in world affairs. An hour into the debate, Afghanistan, where tens of thousands of U.S. troops still remain, had barely been mentioned.

That left the debate one of style rather than substance, an area where President Barack Obama dominated, turning in a commanding while at times edgy performance that kept Romney on his heels. Foreign policy is not Romney's strength -- witness his gaffe-riddled tour of friendly nations this summer. But the job of the challenger, when agreement is so pervasive, is simply to come across as competent. "People just have to feel comfortable he's presidential and in command of the facts," said Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), a Romney surrogate, after the debate.

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