Take A Look Inside A Romney Family Vacation

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann recently took a few of their 22 grandchildren on a vacation through the American West, a trip documented by Romney in a blog post on Medium.

"My Mom and Dad began the tradition, showing their grandchildren the majesty of our country and teaching them about the sacrifices and character of the pioneers," Romney wrote.

Romney said he and Ann hiked over 50 miles with five of their grandchildren, ages 10 through 13. The Romneys taught their grandchildren about their ancestry and even faced some "unexpected obstacles," including "a very close encounter with a rattlesnake."

In his blog post, Romney reveals how the trip caused him to reflect on the growing violence in Ukraine and Israel.

"True is the principle that guided America’s founders: united we stand, divided we fall," Romney wrote. "As we experienced the grandeur of the West, our hearts went out to those millions in the world who suffer."

To read more from Romney and see photos of his family, visit Medium.



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