Mitt Romney: George W. Bush And Henry Paulson Saved Country From Depression

ARBUTUS, Md. -- At a town hall here on Wednesday, Mitt Romney claimed that the economic policies of former President George W. Bush and then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were responsible for keeping the United States out of a full-scale depression.

"I keep hearing the president say he's responsible for keeping the country out of a Great Depression," Romney said in front of around 200 people at an American Legion post. "No, no, no, that was President George W. Bush and Hank Paulson."

The crowd, which overflowed into the parking lot about an hour before the event, seemed enthusiastic about Romney's message and applauded for his comments on less regulation and removing the "heavy hand of government."

The attendees also laughed good-naturedly at a potentially awkward moment for Romney. While asking Romney a question, a business owner joked about the candidate's failed business ventures -- likely companies owned by Bain Capital -- and told Romney, "I haven't failed yet." "You will," said Rommey to laughter, before clarifiying that failure was "in the nature of the private sector."