Mitt Romney Has Not Offered A Path to Legal Immigration

Although Mitt Romney claimed during the second debate that he wants to make it easier for undocumented workers to become U.S. citizens, Romney said he would veto the DREAM Act, a bipartisan, Constitutional pathway for the children of undocumented immigrants to become legal U.S. citizens, a bill supported by President Obama that Republican Senators blocked.

During the Republican Primaries, Rick Perry drew criticism from the other contenders for supporting the Texas DREAM Act, which allows undocumented students who have graduated from high school, resided is Texas for three years, and signed an affidavit promising they would seek legal citizenship, to pay in-state tuition. Rather, Romney contended that undocumented students should pay international student rates, which are up to three times the price of in-state tuition, and hugely unaffordable for most undocumented families. Rick Perry called the other contenders, including Mitt Romney, heartless, for not supporting the act. How can we incorporate hundreds of thousands of
undocumented youth into the legal sector if they cannot access a college education?

If Mitt Romney truly cares about making it easier for foreigners to become legal U.S. citizens, then why did he say that as president he would veto the DREAM Act and oppose paths towards legality proposed by fellow members of the Republican Party?