Mitt Romney Is Riding A Horse, Okay?

If you think that Canadian-born Chryslers are the only means of conveyance utilized by current presidential aspirant Mitt Romney, well then, think again! While Romney's first love may have been "cars and chrome and fins and roaring motors," he's been known to mount his share of trusty steeds as well. Don't believe me? Here's a picture:

This photo, snapped by Ethan Hill (great photographer whose work you are likely familiar with) for a 2004 Newsweek portrait session, depicts Romney on one of his horses -- we're presuming one of the "six-figure warmbloods" (and one must get this correct) mentioned in this recent New York Times profile, "Two Romneys: Wealthy Man, Thrifty Habits." And it should be said, the man looks gorgeous. Staring brightly into the middle distance against a darkening sky, the Mitt you see here is still a few years removed from having to worry about the sturm und drang of the presidential horse race. The horse looks happy as well, perhaps safe in the knowledge that Romney is secured to the top of him, and not the other way around.

Looking at this, it's pretty easy to imagine how Jon Huntsman got it in his head that the best way to compete for the nomination was to rack up an impressive array of glossy magazine profiles.

Anyway, I read elsewhere that Romney has some sort of "1 percent problem" that's not "going away"? Well, if you ask me, I don't see it.

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