Mitt Romney In 'The Artist': Chris Matthews Show Makes Silent Trailer (VIDEO)

At this point, the chances of "The Artist" seeing a big win at the Oscars far outweighs that of Mitt Romney's hopes during the GOP race. But that isn't going to stop "The Chris Matthews Show" from producing a fake trailer comparing Romney to the star of "The Artist," whose foray into speaking in public doesn't quite work the way he hoped.

Frankly, we didn't even know that "The Chris Matthews Show," which unlike its host's other show "Hardball" usually features more thoughtful political discussion, ever produced comedy bits like this one. But when they put the bouncy "Artist" music in behind a black-and-white Mitt waving to the crowd, pointing out that when you ignore what comes out of his mouth, he looks like a president, it's eerily reminiscent of Jean Duuardin's overly confident silent film era star.

Even if Mitt isn't successful in the GOP contest this year, we can't help but hope he revives his career with a tap dance number.