Mitt Romney Is a Hollow Man

I have a problem with Mitt Romney. And it's big problem -- one that extends beyond our ideological differences. Here's what fundamentally disturbs me about Romney's character:

It's not even that he's misstated facts, if they were just truly misstatements. Part of what really bugs me is that he's carefully scripted and controlled, and still he has outright pants-on-fire lied more than any recent serious presidential contender, by a significant factor.

Added to the serial lying is not just that he's flip-flopped; everyone knows that. It's that he has flip-flopped on core issues like being pro-choice or pro-life -- deep, fundamental values issues, all for the purpose of getting elected, nothing more.

What emerges from this composite picture of lying and flip-flopping and position-contortion is a man who has no core.

A hollow man.

A man without deep, longstanding conviction.

A calculating man who will lie, who will change positions as he changes his venue, who will say anything, do anything, who is ruthless about winning in a way that makes him seem empty inside.

So the real question is: What does this man stand for? Why does he even want to be president? Where is his true vision, his core? Does he even have one?

Where do you fit into his picture of success?

My big concern is that Mitt Romney wants to become president for no other reason than because there's a possibility he can win. And you're not in that vision, I'm afraid.

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