Mitt Romney Wins: Massachusetts Primary Results 2012

Mitt Romney was projected the winner of the Massachusetts primary by CNN and NBC.

Romney, who served as governor of the state from 2003 to 2007, was heavily expected to win.

HuffPost's Mark Blumenthal reported on how the state's 41 delegates are awarded:

Massachusetts will allocate delegates on a proportional basis, so that any candidate receiving at least 15 percent of the vote will receive a share of the delegates that roughly matches his percentage of the vote.

Romney and his wife cast their votes in the Boston suburb of Belmont earlier Tuesday, where they own a condominium and where they raised their family.

Turnout was light in the primary. The AP reported that by 3 p.m. only four percent of all eligible voters had cast ballots in Boston, though turnout was expected to be higher in Republican areas. In Massachusetts, independents can cast votes in either primary, but enrolled voters cannot cross party lines.

County-by-county results can be seen here.

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