Mitt Romney's 'Meet The Press' Interview Makes Headlines (VIDEO)


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David Gregory must be smiling over his "Meet the Press" interview with Mitt Romney.

The NBC News host sat down with Romney on Saturday for the candidate's first "Meet the Press" appearance in almost three years. The interview — which took place on Romney's tour of New Hampshire — aired on Sunday, and made headlines.

Most notably, Romney said that he would keep some parts of President Obama's health care reform legislation — something he had previously promised to repeal in its entirety. He also criticized his running mate Paul Ryan's support for defense spending cuts, calling them a "big mistake."

"Meet the Press" was trending on Twitter on Sunday. Gregory, Chuck Todd and executive producer Betsy Fischer Martin also tweeted nuggets from the interview throughout the morning.

Gregory weighed in on the exchange in a post-show segment. "I think it's also interesting that you're hearing more from Governor Romney, coming on 'Meet the Press,' feeling I think that they have to do more to catch up in this race, which makes that first debate all the more important."

The Sunday morning show is typically a critical stop for presidential candidates. Romney last appeared on "Meet the Press" on December 13, 2009. President Obama has also stayed off "Meet the Press" for nearly three years.

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