Mitt Romney Still Preferred To Newt Gingrich By Power Outsiders

GOP Power Outsiders Resist Newt, Prefer Mitt

WASHINGTON -- Although he appears headed to victory in Saturday's South Carolina primary, Newt Gingrich faces skepticism from grassroots Republican activists and officeholders, who increasingly prefer Mitt Romney as their first choice for the Republican presidential nomination. That's the main finding from the latest Power Outsiders survey in the early primary and caucus states and beyond.

The Huffington Post-Patch Power Outsiders surveys conducted since August have been an effort to reach out to local Republican activists, party officials and officeholders to observe the so-called "invisible primary" for endorsements, campaign cash and activist support that occurs in the months leading up to the early primaries and caucuses.

Scholars who have studied past campaigns find that party actors at all levels are not only a critical leading indicator of who will become the presidential nominee, but often a better predictor of the ultimate nominee than early polls. This past week we interviewed 177 individuals from the early primary and caucus states -- 46 in Iowa, 58 in New Hampshire, 61 in South Carolina and 12 in Florida -- to check in one last time before the campaign moves on to the later contests.

We have asked the Power Outsiders about their personal presidential preference five times since early December, and our surveys have tracked steady growth in support for Romney. In early December, the party actors we interviewed were split almost evenly between Gingrich (27 percent) and Romney (26 percent), but Romney has risen in each survey. Although Gingrich's support has increased again over the last week after falling off slightly during December, the early-state Power Outsiders now prefer Romney to Gingrich by a 43 to 27 percent margin, followed by Rick Santorum (14 percent) and Ron Paul (9 percent).


As the academic research might have predicted, Romney's rise on our Power Outsider surveys in early December turned out to be a leading indicator of growing support for Romney nationally.

Although we saw an 11-point increase in his support among the local party actors in the early states before the Iowa caucuses, Romney's support among all Republicans nationwide remained essentially flat during December, according to the Gallup Daily tracking poll.


Romney's support started to pick up nationally after his strong performance in Iowa and victory in New Hampshire. Note that although Gingrich regained some support among the Power Outsiders in the past two weeks, their support for Romney remained intact, even as his national poll numbers have started to decline.

However, the preference for Romney is not uniform. Not surprisingly, he continues to receive the most backing in New Hampshire (62 percent), the state that gave him a lopsided primary victory two weeks ago, and is preferred by a near majority (46 percent) in Iowa.


South Carolina is a different story. The roughly 60 Power Outsiders there whom we have interviewed each week have been divided between Gingrich, Romney and Santorum in recent weeks. From mid-December to early January, 17 or 18 respondents each week (or about 30 percent) continued to favor Gingrich. Over the past two weeks, Gingrich picked up 10 supporters in our sample and now leads Romney in South Carolina by the widest margin yet (44 to 23 percent), with Santorum the choice of most of the rest (20 percent).

Of course, these were just the first three primary and caucus states. Now that the nomination battle is moving on, what about local Republican Party actors elsewhere? To try to get a better read, we asked Patch editors nationwide to find prominent Republican elected officials (past or present) or party officials in their coverage areas to participate in our Power Outsider survey. This week, we interviewed 139 respondents from another 15 states.

We caution that our surveys are not scientific, representative samples of Republican officeholders and, perhaps more important, that Patch websites do not cover random cross-sections of the United States. Patch sites typically cover suburban areas, and this first wave of interviews skews heavily to the Northeast states, with just over half the interviews coming from Massachusetts (26), Connecticut (17), New Jersey (15), New York (11), Pennsylvania (4) and Rhode Island (5). The rest were mainly in the Midwest and South, including Georgia (14), Michigan (9), Maryland (7), Missouri (5), Ohio (5), Illinois (4), Minnesota (4) and Virginia (1) -- plus 12 interviews in California (12).


Not surprisingly, Romney is very strong among our respondents in the Northeast states, where our Power Outsiders favored him over Gingrich 69 to 9 percent, with all other candidates in single digits. Among the other respondents -- again, mostly in the Midwest and South -- Romney has less support (41 percent) but is still preferred to Gingrich (18 percent) and Santorum (12 percent) by wide margins.

Romney's support among these local party actors is likely to grow if the contest narrows to a choice between Gingrich and him. We asked both of our Power Outsider groups about their preferences on a series of one-on-one match-ups of Romney against each of the remaining Republican candidates. As the following table shows, Romney runs well ahead of all three candidates among both Power Outsider groups, although that advantage is narrowest when our early caucus and primary state respondents are choosing between Romney and Gingrich (48 to 42 percent).


A closer look at the Romney-Gingrich match-up shows considerable variation by state and region. Romney is widely preferred to Gingrich among party actors in New Hampshire (62 to 24 percent) and the other Northeast states (77 to 13 percent), but his advantage is narrower in the rest of the Patch national sample (49 to 31 percent). Gingrich does best among our Power Outsider respondents in Iowa, where he ties Romney (46 percent each), and in South Carolina, where the local party actors choose Gingrich by a nearly two-to-one margin (61 to 33 percent).


All of this suggests that Gingrich may have the support of local party actors in a handful of Southern states and perhaps among more rural Republican areas not well represented in our sample, but will face a wall of resistance from the local Republican establishments in the Northeast and an uphill climb among party actors elsewhere.

An even tougher challenge may be the presumption of inevitability now surrounding Romney. When we asked which of the candidates is most likely to win the GOP nomination, the overwhelming majority of our respondents choose Romney -- 64 percent of the Power Outsiders in the early primary and caucus states, and 81 percent of the Patch national sample.

The South Carolina results may dent that perception, but taken together, these results put the state of the Republican race into context. If Gingrich is going to overtake Romney to win the GOP nomination, he still has to build support from the ground up. Even at the local level, party insiders mostly prefer Romney.

The HuffPost-Patch Power Outsiders

Our surveys are not a scientific random sample of any larger population but rather an effort to listen to a swath of influential local Republican activists, party leaders and elected officials in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. All of the individuals listed below have agreed to participate in the surveys, although not all responded to this week's questions. Interviews were conducted between Jan. 18 and Jan. 19, 2012.


Cory Adams (Story County GOP chair), Leah Adams (Co-Chair, Johnson County Republican Women), Jim Aipperspach (Republican activist), Chad Airhart (Dallas Co. recorder), Skye Alison (Insurance Sales), Roger Anderson (Member, Johnson County GOP Executive Committee), Jeff Angelo (former republican office holder), Shane Blanchard (Waukee City Council), Carmine Boal (Former Congresswoman, now works for governor), Steve Boal (CFO, Accu-Mold), Robert Brownell (Polk County supervisor), Irene Chalmers-Neubauer (Republican precinct captain), Jacob Chapman (President, Dallas County Young Republicans), Andy Christenson (Active Republican), Arleigh Clemens (Co-Chair Johnson County Republicans), Chris Colter (Running for City Council), Creighton Cox (Local politician), Jeremy Davis (Councilman), Debra Derksen (PR person for Johnson County GOP), Paula Dierenfeld (Johnston Mayor), Mike Elam (Organizer, Dallas County GOP), Jill Ellsworth (Polk County Republicans), Paul Fell (Santorum supporter), Gregory Forbes (story county republican), Amanda Freel (State House Repub Staff), Kathy French (Local politician's wife, active Republican), Paul French (Local politician), Steve Gaer (West Des Moines mayor), Natalie Ginty (Chairwoman, Iowa Federation of College Republicans), E.J. (Polk County Supervisor), Tim Hagle (Iowa University Associate Professor, Political Science), Rick Hermann (Sales Manager, WeatherTech Automotive), Gregory Hudson (blogger), Dusty Juhl (Story county central committee), William Keettel (Former head, Johnson County Republicans), Gary Kirke (investor/developer), Kevin Koester (Congressman), Mary Kramer (former state senator), Marilyn Krocheski (Republican Party noteable), Elizabeth Kuennen (story county republican), Jon McAvoy (Head of Dallas County Republicans), Isaiah McGee (Owner, McGee strategies), Chris McLinden (Axis Human Capital, Businessman), Cynthia Michel (Precinct Captain), Randy Munson (Ankeny Chamber of Commerce President), Matt Nolan (Independent Republican, active in community), Mike Nolan (Republican Party noteable), Jacqui Norman (Romney leadership volunteer), Scott Raecker (State Legislator), Ben Rittgers (Story County Republican), Will Rogers (Active Republican, businessman), Jim Sandager (West Des Moines city councilman), Rick Sanders (Republican Supervisor), Connie Schmett (Active Republican), Charles Schneider (West Des Moines city councilman), Mike St. Clair (Lobbyist), Chad Steenhoek (Member, Strong America Now), Wade Steenhoek (Ankeny City Council), Ronald Stenstrom (Romney Supporter), Karen Svede (Former statewide candidate), Rob Taylor (Running for Iowa House Seat), Deb Thornton (Worked in Republican administrations), Darrow Uhlenhopp (story county republican), Robert White (story county republican), Jack Whitver (State senator), James Wilson (GOP/independant), Eric Woolson (Republican strategist), Randy Yontz (Director Leadership Institute), Paul Zietlow (Co-founder, West Side Conservative Club).

New Hampshire

Eric Anderson (Former State Rep/Chair Bow Board of Selectmen), Gary Azarian (State Rep.-Windham), David Bates (State Rep.-Windham), Kathy Benuck (BCTV Host/Blogger), D.J. Bettencourt (State Rep., Maj. Leader), Diane Bitter (Rye Republican activist), Travis Blais (Windham GOP Chair), Bill Boyd (Town Councilor), Steve Brennan (Business owner), Bruce Breton (Selectman), Russell Bridle (Former Hampton Fire Department captain/State Rep.), Ed Brooks (Former ME selectman, town councilor), Chris Buck (Republican activist), Chris Buda (Merrimack GOP Chair), Jamie Burnett (Consultant), John Cebrowski (State Rep. - Bedford), Chris Christiansen (State Rep), Mark Cookson (Alderman-at-large), Tim Copeland (State rep.), Jim Costello (American Government teacher), Margaret Crisler (Windham GOP), Juanita Dangel (Secretary Hillsborough County GOP), Gary Daniels (State Rep), Ed Declercq (Planning Board), Jerry Delemus (Republican activist), Shari Demers (Activist), Julie DiCarlo (Small business owner), Ron DiCarlo (Small business owner), Bob Duffy (Nashua GOP City Committee), Bob Elliott (State Rep.), Gary Ellmer (Chairman, Porsmouth Republican Committee), Frank Ferraro (Exeter Selectman), Laura Foote (Activist), Mauri Foster (Retired), Sheila Francoeur (Seacoast Republican Women member), Michael Gallagher (Nashua Republican City Committee, running for Alderman), Bianca Garcia (Former Salem GOP Victory Office mgr), David Garcia (Salem Town GOP Chair), John Graham (State Rep. - Bedford), Brian Griset (Member of local political committee), Lisa Hansen (Romney supporter), Peter Hansen (State Rep), Pat Hargreaves (Selectman), Jeff Hatch (Salem Romney Town Chair), Ken Hawkins (State Rep - Bedford), Dick Hinch (Current State Rep), Jennifer Horn (Republican activist), David Hurst (New Hampshire Young Republicans chairman), Zac Johnson (Technical writer), Ken Jones (Member of Amherst Republicans), Gary Krupp (Member of the School Budget Committee), Steve Landry (Small business owner), Tom Linehan (GOP Activist), Phil LoChiatto (Selectman), Eduardo Lopez-Reyes (Republican Liberty Caucus, National Vice Chair), Marie Lopez-Reyes (Small business owner), Di Lothrop (Nashua GOP City Committee), Stephen E. Ludwick (Chairman, Supervisors of the Checklist, Ward 9), Jim Luther (State Senator), John Lyons (Lawyer), Kris MacNeil (Former State Senate candidate), Joel Maiola (Former Judd Gregg Chief of Staff), Andrew Manuse (State Rep - Derry), George Markwell (School Board Member), Donna Mauro (State Rep.-Windham), Harry McClard (Freelance writer), Patrick McDougall (Budget Committee), Charles McMahon (State Rep.-Windham), Bill Modis (Vice Chair of Amherst Republicans), Maureen Mooney (Past State Rep), Keith Murphy (State Rep - Bedford), Rich Okerman (State Rep.-Windham), Tasha Olsen (Republican activist), Rick Paige (Loan officer), Michele Peckham (State Rep.-N. Hampton), Amy Perkins (State Rep.-Seabrook), Lawrence Perkins (State Rep.-Seabrook), Kathryn Peterson (community activist), Lenette Peterson (State Rep), Pam Price (former state rep), Lee Quandt (State rep.), Matt Quandt (Exeter Selectman/State Rep.), Tom Rath (Consultant), Fred Rice (State Rep.-Hampton), Jim Rubens (Former Republican State Sen.), Pete Silva (Rep - Nashua), William Smith (Conservative Blogger), Dan St. Hilaire (Executive councilor), Brandon Stauber (Small business owner/recent Exeter transplant), Kathy Stroud (State Rep), Chris Tremblay (Activist), Pam Tucker (Deputy House Speaker), Mark Vincent (Chair of Amherst Republicans), Jim Waddell (State Rep.-Hampton), Tom Walker (Conservative Republican), Robert Washburn (Former City Councilor), Kevin Waterhouse (State Rep.-Windham), Raymond White (State Sen. - Bedford), Alan Williams (North Hampton resident, former Exeter selectman), J. Christopher Williams (Pres. Nashua CC), Tony Zore (Tea Party member).

South Carolina

Aubry Alexander (Charleston City Council - District 9), Thomas Alexander (State Senator), Dean Allen (Tea Party Activist), Charm Altman (President Sea Island Republican Women), Patrick L. Arnold (Campaign and fundraising consultant), Todd Atwater (S.C. Rep. Dist. 87), Rep. Nathan Ballentine (SC House Dist. 71), Bill Banning, Sr. (Vice-chair, Lexington County Council), Bob Barnwell (Richland Co. GOP Spring Valley), Joseph Bates, Jr. (Committeeman/ Richland Co. GOP Dutch Fork), Eric Bedingfield (State Rep/Congressional Staffer), Rick Beltram (Former Spartanburg GOP Chair, Self-quoter), Lin Bennett (Chair, Charleston County GOP), Rich Bolen (Chair, Lexington County GOP), Andrew Boucher (Business consultant and political advisor), Phillip Bowers (Chairman, Pickens County Republican Party), Dan Bracken (President/ The Auction Co. & Real Estate Inc.), Edward Britt (Engineer), Joe Bustos (Former town councilman), Jay Byars (Dorchester County councilman), Bob Call (Berkeley County Councilman), Tim Callanan (Berkeley County GOP Chairman), Earl Capps (Blogger), Ed Carter (Small business owner), Ben Coakley (Investment advisor), Edward Cousar (Executive Director, Black Republican PAC), M. Todd Cullum (Lexington County Council member), Rep. Joe Daning (Statehouse rep.), Smokey Davis (Lexington County Council member), Dana Eiser (Lowcountry 9.12 president), Linda Eiser (9/12 conservative), Scott Farmer (Richland County GOP Committeeman), Chip Felkel (Political Consultant), Will Folks (Editor,; spokesman for former Gov. Mark Sanford), Leland Glen (Author), Chris Godbey (Political Consultant), Susan Grady (Republican activist), Randy Halfacre (Mayor of Lexington), Dan Hamilton (State Representative), Larry Hargett (Dorchester County Council chairman), Val Hutchinson (Richland County Council), Johnny Jeffcoat (Town of Lexington Economic and Community Catalyst; Lexington County Council member), Jim Jerow (Georgetown GOP Chair), Debbie Jones (9.12 Board Member), Joanne Jones (Republican activist), Grayson Kelly (Fundraiser), James Kinard (Banker, Chair, Lexington County Council), Todd Kincannon (Lawyer/former executive director of SC Republican Party), Bob Kouvolo (President/ MaxPt), Jim Lee (S.C. Senate candidate), Mickey Lindler (Chairwoman for Republicans of Lexington and Richland Counties), Chris Mann (City Councilman), Karen Martin (Organizer/Spartanburg Tea Party), Larry Martin (State Senator), Taft Matney (Conservative Political Consultant), James Metts (Lexington County Sheriff), Matt Moore (Executive Director for SC GOP), Susan Morris (Nonprofit executive director), Mike Murphee (Charleston Tea Party chairman), Deborah Myers (Political activist), Brent Nelsen (Professor of Political Science/former candidate for Supt. of Education), Don Nye (Bank employee), Allen Olson (Former Chairman of Columbia TEA Party), Walt Owens (University Professor), Randy Page (President,South Carolinians for Responsible Government), Gregory Pearce (Richland Co. Councilman), Kathy Perry (Charleston County Republican Women), Adam Piper (SC GOP 3rd Vice Chairman & political director for Huntsman campaign), Zach Pippin (GOP Media Consultant), Barbara Pulicicchio (Political activist), Rick Quinn (S.C. Rep. Dist. 69), Jeff Reuer (Vice Chair Goose Creek 9-12), DeLinda Ridings (SC GOP State Secretary / Huntsman campaign), Robby Robbins (Lawyer), Emily Rudolph (Sea Island Republican Women), LaDonna Ryggs (Spartanburg GOP Chair), Michael Sally (Hanahan City Councilman), Dennis Saylor (Chair, Aiken GOP), Lanneau Siegling (State Executive Committeeman), Billy Simons (Conservative activist), Garry Smith (State Rep), John Steinberger (Fair Tax activist), Mary Ann Taylor (Charleston County Republican Women/Charleston County School Board), September Wellborn (State GOP Delegate), Jennifer Willis (County Councilwoman/ V.P. One Tree Hill), Henry Wilson (2011 delegate, S.C. Republican Convention), Cheryl Woods-Flowers (Former mayor, Republican official), James David Woodard (Professor of Political Science, Clemson University).


Ed Blommel (Candidate for Pasco Tax Collector), Guyann Bracken-Fay (Liberty School member), Kathy Brown (FishHawk Republican Club member, 912 activist), Sharon Calvert (Tampa Tea Party organizer), Kelly Clem-Rickon (FishHawk Republican Club VP), John B Conneely (Delegate to the Presidency 5 convention and straw vote in Orlando), Anne Corona (West Pasco Republican Club President), John Costig (Brandon912 Leader), Deborah Cox Roush (Hillsborough County Republican Party chair), Vic Crawford (Brandon912 member), Clif Curry (Brandon Republican Club member), Scott Cutler (Brandon912 member), Dixie Eklund (Palm Harbor Republican), State Sen. Mike Fasano (Senator), Stacy Feiler (Activist; Liberty Tree Consulting), Gym Fish (), Susan Freebern (Lakeland Republican), Sandra Graves (Co-vice president of the Republican Club of Pasco), Steve Graves (Co-vice president of the Republican Club of Pasco), Julia Hassler (Club Politico President), Al Higginbotham (Hillsborough County Commission Chair), Linda Holcombe (St. Petersburg Republican), Joanne Hurley (Pasco school board chair), David Jolley (), Susan Kiser (Registered Republican voter), Shari Kotsch (West Pasco Republican), Diana Mattox (Central Pasco Republican), Rachel O' Connor (Pasco county commission candidate), Wayne Pickard (912 member), Ginger Price (South Tampa Republican), State Rep. Richard Corcoran (State Rep), Doc Riley (Thonotosassa Republican), David Rowan (Central Pasco Republican), Christopher Shalosky (Fishhawk Republican Club President), Sid Talsma (Central Pasco Republican), Jenah Victor (), Todd Wall (Central Pasco Republian), Sam Ward (Central Pasco Republian), Gene Webb (), Patrick Weightman (Central Pasco Republican), Shirley Wood (Pinecrest912 leader).

Rest of U.S.

Gary Aminoff (CA: President of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club), Michael Antonovich (CA: County Supervisor, Los Angeles County), Kit Bobko (CA: City Councilman), Hon. Dion Bracco (CA: City Council Member), Duane Cave (CA: Chair, Gov. Affairs - Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce), Hon Bob D (CA: Trustee), Hon. Mary England (CA: Council Member City of Lemon Grove), Deborah Giordano (CA: Milpitas City Council member), Barry Jantz (CA: Retired La Mesa City Councilman), Linda Koelling (CA: Former Mayor Foster City), Morgan Martinez (CA: New Media Manager, Terra Eclipse Inc.), Chuck McDougald (CA: Chair of the Republican Party in San Mateo County), Kirby Nicol (CA: City Councilman), Matt Rexroad (CA: Yolo County Board of Supervisors), Sophia Scherman (CA: Elk Grove City Councilmember), Hon. Mimi Walters (CA: State Senator), Councilman Richard J. Ward (CA: San Marino City Councilman), Denis Weber (CA: Mayor Pro Tem, Agoura Hills City Council), Mary Young (CA: 2nd Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of OC), Tom Banisch (CT: Madison Republican Town Committee Chairman), Lisa Marie Boccia (CT: Windsor Town Council member), Daniel Brunet (CT: Meriden City Council Minority Leader), Chris Buckbee (CT: Rocky Hill Board of Education), Hal Cummings (CT: Republican Town Committee Chairman, Vernon), Ronald Eleveld (CT: Republican Town Committee member), Brian D. First (CT: Canton Republican Town Committee Chairman), David W. Gilchrist (CT: Canton Selectman), Mark A. Gill (CT: Tolland Town Councilman), Tom Harrison (CT: Board of Finance Chairman, Avon), Ellen Hillman (CT: Member, Parks & Recreation Commission), Kristin Ingram (CT: Windsor Board of Education Member), Donald Jepsen (CT: Windsor Town Council member), Scott Kaupin (CT: Mayor of Enfield, CT), Susan B. Mendenhall (CT: Former Mayor of Ledyard), Beverly Miela (CT: Registrar of Voters), Edward Munster (CT: Former 33rd District State Senator and Congressional candidate, Co-chair Haddam RTC), David Reed (CT: Somers Republican Town Committee Chairman), Tim Slocum (CT: Town Council Chairman), Bill Vogel (CT: Chairman, New London Republican Town Committee), Tommy Allegood (GA: Mayor, City of Acworth), Sarah Bell (GA: Former Chairperson for the Oconee County GOP), Thomas Bevirt (GA: former City council Member), Matt Brewster (GA: Chairman of the Athens GOP), Billie Dendy (GA: Cobb County Republican Women's Party Officer), Joseph Gullett (GA: Paulding County GOP Chairman), Brett Harrell (GA: Representative), Hunter Hill (GA: Republican Candidate for State Senate 6), Brian Laurens (GA: 1st Vice Chair Cherokee County Republican Party), Bob Lundsten (GA: Chief of Staff, DeKalb County Commission District 1), Mike Mulcare (GA: Douglas County Commissioner), Brandon Roberts (GA: President of Cherokee Teen Republicans), Chip Rogers (GA: Georgia Senate Majority Leader), Bob Rush (GA: Canton City Council member), Gabriel Sterling (GA: Sandy Springs City Councilmember), David Waters (GA: Sheriff Candidate), Jimmy Wilbanks (GA: Mayor of Dacula), Rep. Jim Durkin (IL: 82nd District Representative, Assistant Minority Leader, Illinois House of Representatives), Elizabeth Gorman (IL: Orland Township Republican Commiteeman and 17th District Cook County Commissioner), Richard Grabowski (IL: Worth Township Republican Party), Renee Kosel (IL: State Representative), Pat Rae (IL: Village Clerk and Committeeman for the Bremen Township Republican Organization), Kevin Suggs (IL: President, Bremen Township Republican Organization), Anil Adyanthaya (MA: Recording Secretary, Newton Republican City Committee), Daniel C. Bennett (MA: Chairman, Danvers Board of Selectmen), Kristin Billera (MA: Chair of the MA Young Republicans), John (Jack) Buba (MA: Vice Chair - Marblehead Republican Town Committee), Ted Cinella (MA: Melrose Republican City Committee Member), Angel Connell (MA: Westford GOP Town Chair, 2000-2006), Tom Gilroy (MA: Republican Town Committee Member), Stephen Goldy (MA: Reading Board of Selectmen), Selectman Greg Howes (MA: Concord Selectman, candidate for State Senate), James Lane (MA: Selectman), Tracy Anne Lawrence (MA: Consultant and long-time GOP activist), Mario Marchese (MA: School Committee Member), Brad Marston (MA: Chairman of the Boston Republican City Committee), Robert J. Mauceri (MA: Chairman of the Board of Selectmen), Brian McCarthy (MA: Secretary, Somerville Ward 3 Republican Committee), John McCarthy, Jr. (MA: Republican State Committeeman), Monica Medeiros (MA: Melrose Republican City Committee Member), Thomas Mountain (MA: Chairman, Newton Republican City Committee), Doug Obey (MA: Vice Chair, Westwood Republican Town Committee), Don Ordway (MA: Chairman, Tewksbury Republican Town Committee), Mr. Ted Owens (MA: Chairman, Needham Republican Town Committee), Susan Pope (MA: Vice Chair Wayland Board of Selectmen), Michael Prisco (MA: Selectman), Katie Regan (MA: Young Republicans National Committeewoman), Sherman "Whip" Saltmarsh (MA: Former State Representative), Rosemary Smedile (MA: North Andover Republican Town Committee Chair), Susan Withrow (MA: Chairman of the Swampscott Republican Town Committee), Sande Young (MA: Ward 5 Vice Chairman, Newton Republican City Committee), Jeffrey Yull (MA: Selectman), Maureen Carr-York (MD: Political Activist), Daniel Grossberg (MD: former chapter president, Americans for Prosperity), Mykel Harris (MD: Former Chairman of Prince George's County GOP Committee), Todd Huff (MD: Councilman), Nancy Jacobs (MD: State Senator), James King (MD: Business Owner, former Maryland State Delegate), Steve Kolbe (MD: Chairman, Baltimore County Republican Central Committee), Hillary Pennington (MD: Baltimore County Republican Central Committee & Political Consultant), Haven Shoemaker (MD: Carroll County Commissioner, District 2), Mark Uncapher (MD: Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Chairman), Cathy Vitale (MD: State Delegate), Hon. Jerry Walker (MD: Anne Arundel County Council, District 7 Representative), Jim Carson (MI: Dexter Village Trustee), Kathy Crawford (MI: Oakland County Commissioner, District 9), Frank Cusumano (MI: Precinct Delegate, Registered GOP Member), Anthony Forlini (MI: State Representative, District 24), State Rep. Pete Lund (MI: Majority Whip), Rob Montilla (MI: Chariman of the Republican Committee of Northern Macomb County), Alicia Ping (MI: Washtenaw County Commissioner), Jim Runestad (MI: County Commissioner), Steven Stoll (MI: Vice-Chair of the Macomb Township Republican Caucus), Joseph Xuereb (MI: Chair, Wayne 11th Congressional District Republican Committee), Sarah Anderson (MN: State Representative District 43A), Chris Fields (MN: Republican candidate for Congress), Mike Held (MN: Senate District 44 Vice Chair), Jeanne Holland (MN: St. Michael-Albertville School Board member), Sue Holman McCarville (MN: Republican), Rep. Joe McDonald (MN: State House of Representatives, District 19A), Andrew Mullin (MN: Wayzata City Councilman), Don Bickowski (MO: Jefferson County Council member), Dennis Broadbooks (MO: Senatorial District State Committeeman), Hon. John Diehl (MO: State Representative), Christopher Grahn-Howard (MO: 7th District State Committeeman of the Missouri Republican Party), Charles Hinderliter (MO: Campaign Manager, Rick Stream for State Representative), Thomas Hrastich (MO: Alderman), Dr. Randy Jotte (MO: Former Webster Groves Councilman), John Lamping (MO: State Senator), Rick Stream (MO: State Representative), Howard Baker (NJ: Hopatcong Councilman), Alphonse Bartelloni (NJ: Councilman), Nathan Brinkman (NJ: Former Mayoral Candidate), Leanna Brown (NJ: Former State Senator), John Carpenter (NJ: Bernards Township Committeman), Robert Collins (NJ: Mayor), John Cosgrove (NJ: Deputy Mayor of Fair Lawn), John Driscoll (NJ: Bergen County Freeholder), Patricia Flannery (NJ: Former Bridgewater Township Mayor), Rob Hermansen (NJ: Bergen County Freeholder), Michael Hughes (NJ: President, East Brunswick Township Council), Robert G. Luban (NJ: Woodbridge Fifth Ward Councilman), Antonio B. Meo (NJ: Borough Councilman), Dan Mulligan (NJ: Cranbury Township Committeeman), Deb Nielson (NJ: Montville Township Committeewoman), Hon. Margaret Nordstrom (NJ: Morris County Freeholder), John O'Sullivan (NJ: Councilman), Jerry Scanlan (NJ: Hopatcong Republican Club Treasurer), Victor J. Sordillo (NJ: Somerset County State GOP Committeeman), Carl Suraci (NJ: Mayor, Hillsborough Township), Robert A. Axelrod (NY: Clarkstown GOP Chair), Frank Borelli (NY: Clarkstown Town Board Member), Robert J. Castelli (NY: State Assemblyman, 89th District), Mark Epley (NY: Southampton Village Mayor), Robert Germino (NY: Glen Cove Republican Party Committee), Kemp Hannon (NY: State Senator), James Maisano (NY: County Legislator), Ms. Lee V.A. Roberts (NY: Supervisor, Town of Bedford), Norm Rosenblum (NY: Mayor, Village of Mamaroneck), Brian Smith (NY: Mayor, Village of Irvington), Michael Smith (NY: Westchester County Legislator, District 3), Vincent Tabone, Esq. (NY: Executive Vice Chairman -QGOP), Pete Tripodi (NY: Town of Ossining Councilman), Bonnie Dolezal (OH: President of Cleveland Heights ward of Heights GOP), Bill Furey (OH: Twinsburg City Council At-Large), Frank LaRose (OH: State Senator 27th District), Brian Lowdermilk (OH: Stow City Councilman), Bill Russo (OH: City Councilman), Ronald Young (OH: State Representative), Tom Baker (PA: North Hills School District Board Member), Bruce Castor (PA: Montgomery County Commissioner), Dick Hadley (PA: Member of Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors), Joseph A. Lavalle AIA (PA: Upper Moreland Commissioner), Bruce Mazzoni (PA: Chairman of the Cranberry Township Board of Supervisors), Calvin R. Tucker (PA: 22nd Wardleader & Chairman, Philadelphia Black Republican Wardleaders), Nicholas Kettle (RI: State Senator), Carl Mattson (RI: Coventry Town Council District 2 Representative), Mary Parella (RI: Bristol Town Councilor), Stephen B. Primiano (RI: Chairman Barrington Republican Town Committee; Delegate to R.I. Republican State Central Committee.), John Robitaille (RI: Former Republican Gubernatorial Candidate), Bruce Saccoccio (RI: Cranston Republican City Committee Chairman), John Savage (RI: State Representative), Rob Hartwell (VA: Past RPV Finance Chair and CD and Magasterial Distr. Chair), Susan Valentine (VA: Fairfax County Republican Committee Lee District Chairman), Van Wanggaard (WI: State Senator).

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