Mitt Romney Reacts To Obama's Convention Speech

Romney Hits Back Against Obama's Speech

Mitt Romney chose to appear on Fox News Friday in order to respond to President Barack Obama's Thursday night speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Romney said he was disappointed with the speech, which he only read, having indicated earlier he would not be watching Obama. The GOP nominee said there was nothing in it that gave him confidence that the "president knows what he's doing" on jobs and economy.

"As a matter of fact, he hardly even mentioned jobs and the economy," Romney said.

The president's speech mentioned "jobs" 15 times and the "economy" six, and he predicted more jobs in his second term. The health care law and stimulus were not mentioned specifically.

Romney defended his own omission -- not mentioning war, being the first GOP nominee to do so since 1952.

"When you give a speech, you don't go through a laundry list, you talk about the things that you think are important," Romney told Bret Baier. "I didn't use the word troops. I used the word military. I think they refer to the same thing. And of course going to the American Legion the day before during the middle of our convention made a much bigger statement to our military and our troops than the president who did not go to meet with the American Legion." Romney did refer to the military twice, in general terms about its size.

Later at a press conference in Sioux City, Iowa, Romney defended himself against Obama's criticism of his July trip abroad. Obama referenced Romney's London visit, during which he questioned the city's readiness to hold the Olympics, drawing rebuke from London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron.

"I'm very pleased that my Olympic experience allows me to talk about the Olympics in a straight talk manner and I think it would be appropriate if the president would talk to China in a straight talk manner," Romney said.

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