Mitt Romney: Obama 'Spent Too Much Time At Harvard,' Also A Year Less Than I Did

Romney's Odd Harvard Attack On Obama

Mitt Romney continued his verbal assault on President Obama on Thursday, accusing him of spending "too much time at Harvard" while speaking at a rooftop event in Harrisburg, Penn.

It's an odd attack coming from a fellow Harvard graduate, especially considering Romney spent more time at the Ivy League institution than Obama did.

Romney enrolled in a four-year program at Harvard in 1971, eventually earning a joint JD and MBA and graduating cum laude in 1975. In 1988, Obama began attending Harvard Law School. He spent three years there, eventually becoming president of the Harvard Law Review before graduating magna cum laude and receiving his JD in 1991. That's four years for Romney, three for Obama.

While Romney has frequently tried to attack Obama on his Harvard tenure in an attempt to paint him as an ivory tower elitist, this appears to be the first time he's gone as far as to focus on the duration of his time at the university.

Video above, via ThinkProgress.

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