Mitt Romney Accuses Rick Santorum, Barack Obama Of 'Dirty Trick' In Michigan

The night before Michigan's Feb. 28 primary election, Mitt Romney accused rival Rick Santorum of "a dirty trick."

"Senator Santorum did something today which I think is deceptive and a dirty trick, which is he's put an ad out there sounding like a labor ad telling labor folks and Democrats to go vote against me and vote for Rick Santorum," Romney told FOX News' Sean Hannity Monday night, referring to a robocall from the Santorum campaign that asks Democrats for support and hits Romney for supporting a Wall Street bailout. "And at the very end there's a little trailer that he paid for this, but it's confusing people. It's a new low in this campaign," said Romney.

Listen to the call, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:

Asked by Hannity about the robocall, Santorum responded, "You mean when he runs a robocall of my voice from four years ago saying good things about him, that's not a low moment? ... It's a very positive robocall talking about what we are doing to create jobs in Michigan. Of course, you know, it's interesting that he criticized me for attracting Democrats because one of the things that Governor Romney's people say is, 'Oh, he can't attract Democrats.' Well, guess what? We'll wait and see."

Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades also accused President Barack Obama's campaign of trying to sway Democratic voters toward Rick Santorum.

"The DNC and President Obama's liberal allies are now urging Michigan Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in the state's open primary on Tuesday," Rhoades wrote in an email to supporters Monday night. "They have spent the last few months savagely attacking Mitt Romney's conservative record. But this is a new low. President Obama's reelection team is now actively engaged in changing the outcome of the Republican primary. This is politics at its worst. It doesn't get much more pathetic."



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