Mitt Romney Robocall Features Disaffected Obama Supporter (AUDIO)

Voters in Virginia are being treated to a new robocall from Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, featuring a "real voter" saying how upset she is with President Barack Obama's tenure.

"This is Susan. She's a real voter, and in 2008, she voted for Barack Obama," says a woman in the Romney robocall, which was received by a voter in Fairfax, Va. on Sunday night. The call was flagged by Shaun Dakin, the CEO and founder of StopPoliticalCalls.org.

"Susan" then comes on, saying, "Obama seemed to blame everything on what preceded him. I don't think he's done anything to undo the damage. I think maybe he had an idealistic plan and then wasn't able to implement it. I think we want to get good leadership ... or we're just going to dig ourselves deeper in debt. I just think we need to cut our losses."

The Romney campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.

The latest call from Susan is similar to another one the Romney campaign was running this month, featuring a disaffected Obama supporter named Marketa.

Obama won Virginia in 2008, becoming the first Democrat to do so since Lyndon Johnson in 1964. Picking up voters who supported Obama in the last election but are ready for a change is no doubt key to Romney's strategy of winning the state.

Last month, ThinkProgress reported that the Romney campaign was running a robocall accusing Obama of "changing Medicare forever." In Wisconsin, residents are getting a call from Romney himself, saying he wants to hear directly from voters.


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