Mitt Romney Small Business Events Tied To Obama 'You Didn't Build That' Remark

"You didn't build that" is more than one line by President Barack Obama wrenched from context by Mitt Romney and the Republicans to paint their opponent as anti-business: It's now an event.

The Romney campaign is holding 24 events, in fact -- in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada -- to "allow small business owners the chance to respond to President Obama's claim that 'if you've got a business--you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.'"

Obama was referring to the "American system" and "roads and bridges" when he made the comment on July 13.

The Obama campaign and the Democrats have begun their rebuttal. The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee are hosting their own on-the-ground events, along with a press call with small-business owners on Wednesday. Obama himself appears in an ad airing in battleground states calling the ads that feature the line "flat-out wrong."



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