Mitt Romney Has Best Small Donor Month, But Still Trails Other Candidates

Mitt Romney's campaign announced earlier today that he had raised $11.5 million in February.

In its release, the campaign stated that since April 2011 it had raised $9.3 million from donors giving less than $250, the threshold the Federal Election Commission has set for reporting information about donors. Prior to February the campaign reported raising $6.4 million from small donors giving under $250. This means the campaign raised $2.9 million from small donors in February, or one-quarter of its total haul, making this its best small donor fundraising period yet.

Overall, however, Romney remains at the bottom of the pack in terms of the percentage of his donations coming from small donors. He has raised only 12 percent of his total donations from contributors giving under $250. President Barack Obama, a pioneer in small donations, has outpaced his performance in 2008 this time around. The Obama reelection campaign has raised 48 percent of its donations from small donors giving less than $250 through January.