Mitt Romney Unleashes Spanish-Language Ad On Florida Voters

Romney Goes En Español To Snare Miami Voters

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is speaking Spanish in an appeal to Florida voters -- including those in Miami-Dade, where 72 percent of registered Republicans are Latino, and most are of Cuban descent.

The former Massachusetts governor unleashed 'Nosostros' on Sunshine State televisions and Youtube this week, featuring, as in 2008, his 26-year-old son Craig Romney narrating in Spanish. The ad is peppered with Spanish-language endorsements from Miami's other strong Big Three: Cuban-born Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Mario Diaz-Balart and former Congressman-turned-lobbyist Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

"Los Estados Unidos representan libertad, oportunidad, donde todo es posible,” sings Craig Romney, who lived for a time in Chile. "Soy Craig Romney. Mi padre, Mitt Romney, cree en esos valores americanos porque los ha vivido y luchara para restaurar la grandeza de nuestra nacion."

In other words, "The United States represents liberty, opportunity, where anything is possible. I am Craig Romney. My father, Mitt Romney, believes in those American values because he has lived them, and will fight to restore the greatness of our nation."

(View 'Nosostros' above.)

In the ad, Lincoln Diaz-Balart tout's Romney's plan to create jobs, Ros-Lehtinen heralds his "vision to restore the country's national security", and Mario Diaz-Balart says Romney believes in "us." The clip features Miami heavily, from shots of the Magic City skyline to footage of Romney's November appearance at Conchita Foods, complete with a backdrop of pallets full of guava bites and coconut water. At the end, candidate Romney, whose father was born in Mexico but has never considered himself Mexican, acquits himself with a confident, "Soy Mitt Romney y apruebo este mensaje. Muchas gracias."

The Miami Herald reports that Romney's campaign skipped the Miami market in a nearly $1 million Florida media buy last week before running 'Nosostros' now, a sure sign that he is expressly targeting Cuban-American voters with the 31-second clip.

Will it help? While the GOP will say just about anything to secure the Latino vote, team Romney is so far situated nicely in Florida: Romney boasts a double-digit lead heading into the Florida Republican primary, and in typical swing state fashion voters appear evenly split on President Obama.

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