Mitt Romney Takes 'We Built It' Message To Spanish

The Romney campaign targeted its "we built that" campaign message at Latinos in two new web videos -- one in Spanish and another in English -- released Monday.

The videos feature Gilbert Cantú, a small business owner whose family came to the United States from Mexico.

"The key to success, I believe, as many Latinos believe, is hard work," Cantú says in the English version of the video. "President Obama said that if I own a business, I didn't necessarily build it. That was a very insulting remark to make. I built this business."

Obama said "you didn't build that" while discussing the contributions of education and infrastructure to success. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney seized on that statement, taking it out of context to say the president was denigrating business owners. The "we built it" line has become a Romney catchphrase of sorts, and his campaign has hosted events around the country with business owners responding to Obama's remarks.

The web videos were part of a larger series called "These hands," which features similar sentiments.

Latino voters support Obama over Romney by huge margins, but the former Massachusetts governor is hoping to win more support from the community with an economy-focused message.

Watch the Spanish-language video, "Estas Manos":
Watch the English-language version, "These Hands":


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