Mitt Romney Super PAC Takes In $250,000 From Payday Lenders

Payday lenders are shelling out big bucks to help Mitt Romney become president.

USA Today reports that last month, payday lenders and the companies that own them shoveled more than $250,000 into Restore Our Future, a super PAC linked to the Republican presidential candidate.

The donations come as payday lenders find themselves under federal regulation for the first time.

As USA Today notes, Romney has not weighed in on the industry in particular, but he has been weary of what he calls President Obama's over-regulation.

Romney has also been critical of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which, among other tasks, is charged with keeping an eye on payday lenders.

After Obama used a recess appointment to make Richard Cordray head of the new agency, Romney denounced the move, telling The Hill, "Instead of working with Congress to fix the flaws in this new bureaucracy, the president is declaring that he 'refuses to take no for an answer’ and circumventing Congress to appoint a new administrator."

Payday lenders aren't the only financial institutions filling the coffers of Romney's campaign. As of December, The Daily Beast reports, Romney's top five corporate contributors are Wall Street banks.

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