Pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC Raises $14.8 Million, Becomes First $100 Million Super PAC

WASHINGTON -- Restore Our Future, the super PAC backing Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, raised a strong $14.8 million in September, making the group the first super PAC ever to raise more than $100 million in an election cycle. The group spent only $4.5 million in the month and entered October with $16.5 million cash on hand.

The biggest contributors were a list of the usual suspects now known as the top Republican super PAC donors. Texas home builder Bob Perry, a funder of the 2004 Swift Boat Veterans group, gave $2 million to increase his total giving to the pro-Romney group to $9 million this election. The other Koch brother, William Koch, gave $1 million through his company Oxbow Carbon. Robert McNair, the owner of the Houston Texans, pitched in $1 million. They were joined in the $1 million club by Nu Skin top executive Steven Lund and his wife Kalleen, and Missouri-based contracting company owner Stanley Herzog.

Those pitching in at the half-million level included previous donors like coal company chief executive Joseph Craft, hedge fund manager Bruce Kovner, investor William Laverack and Texas-based industrialist Harold Simmons.

The super PAC raised most of its money from wealthy individuals -- $10.9 million -- and pulled in $3.87 million from corporations.

One of the top corporate donors is the Washington state-based Greenpoint Technologies, Inc., a supplier of luxury airline interiors, with a $250,000 contribution in September. The truck rental company Penske Corp. gave $250,000 in September, increasing its total giving to the pro-Romney super PAC to $500,000.

Restore Our Future has dramatically increased its spending in October to help put Romney in the White House. After spending just $4.5 million in September, the group has already spent more than $10 million in October, with far more spending planned over the next few days.

The super PAC has also stated that its fundraising took off after Romney's strong performance in the first presidential debate held on Oct. 3.



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