Meh Romney: No One Seems To Really Like Mitt (VIDEO)

No one ever said he had Obama's charisma. But still, you'd think at least Mitt Romney's endorsers could muster some enthusiasm for a three-minute TV appearance.

But no. Ever since he announced his candidacy back in June, Republican voters, statesmen, and pundits across the country have found the prospect of a Romney nomination inevitable, but utterly uninspiring.

Videos on YouTube and other websites show Romney's endorsers (and there are many) explaining why they think he should be president. And if you watch a lot of these, you'll notice the same lukewarm praises come up again and again: Capable. Electable. Able to beat Obama.

"There's no such thing as a perfect candidate," said South Carolina Governor and Romney endorser Nikki Haley told Fox News in January. "[So] you say let's get on track, let's get behind the person and let's make it happen."

Add to that: All of Romney's endorsers who are on record railing against the former Massachusetts governor's policies. Tim Pawlenty, John McCain and Donald Trump, among others.

Watch the video above to see a mashup of lackluster reactions to Romney's candidacy. And tell us, do you have strong feelings about Mitt?