Mitt Romney Tax Returns Reveal Investments In Chinese Oil, Stem Cell Research, Plan B

09/25/2012 05:00pm ET | Updated September 29, 2012
El candidato republicano a la presidencia y ex gobernador de Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, habla en un evento de campaᅢᄆa el viernes 21 de septiembre del 2012 en Las Vegas. Romney tenᅢᆳa previsto recaudar dinero en California en espera de recuperar su ventaja de obtener fondos de campaᅢᄆa. (Foto AP/Julie Jacobson)

On Aug. 10, 2011, the night before Mitt Romney participated in a Republican primary debate in Iowa, the Republican nominee took an extraordinary step: He unloaded a boatload of stocks that may have been problematic in his run for the Oval Office.

Some of those investments included securities from companies with ties to Iran to investments in the state-owned Chinese oil company, CNOOC. The sale of these investments was confirmed in Romney's 2011 tax returns, which the candidate released to the public on September 21. Also enclosed in his 2011 tax return were the addresses of his Cayman Islands interests and the performance of his Goldman Sachs funds.

Many of these investments were made through the Romney Family Trust, a blind trust run by a trustee. Romney has claimed he didn't know what investments were inside the trust.

Here are 10 investments Mitt Romney wishes he never made:

10 Investments Romney Wishes He Never Made