Mitt Romney Website FAIL: Alarming Typo On Gun Rights Stance

romney fail

Mitt Romney may be pro-guns, but an egregious error on his campaign website indicates that he's anti-copyediting.

First noticed by Facebook user Han Nguyen and shared over 400 times since Tuesday, Romney's stance on his "Gun Rights" page includes a rather startling statement (with our emphasis added):

As president, Mitt will work to expand and enhance access and opportunities for Americans to hunt, shoot, and protect their families, homes and property, and he will fight the battle on all fronts to proect and promote the Second Amendment.

While technically grammatically acceptable, this is a textbook example of improper comma usage that wildly changes the meaning of the sentence. In this case, it changes the message to the point that the GOP presidential candidate's Second Amendment views would make Ted Nugent blush.

Although the error is clearly apolitical, its going public may not be. Nguyen appears to be a solid Obama supporter, and public Facebook posts suggest that he may even work for the President's re-election campaign.

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