Mitt Romney's 'Entitled Mormon Male Problem' Discussed On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

WATCH: Discussing Romney's 'Entitled Mormon Male Problem'

HuffPost Live's Abby Huntsman and Marc Lamont Hill led a discussion Friday morning on Mitt Romney's Mormon faith.

"What a lot of people don't understand is [that] what makes Romney tick is his Mormon faith," Huntsman, who grew up as a practicing member of the church, said.

Sue Emmett, an ex-Mormon and a descendant of Brigham Young, explained that she believes Romney suffers from an "entitled Mormon male problem," compounded by his family's wealth and the faith's inherent feeling of being "chosen."

"In the Mormon culture, men have all the power in the church," Emmett said. "Women do an awful lot of work in the church but they don't really have any ability to have power positions or to make final decisions."

Huntsman, Hill and Emmet discussed how this plays into his policies towards women and a disturbing story of Romney's threat to excommunicate a woman who refused to give up her baby.

Watch that clip above, and watch the full segment below.

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