Mitt's CPAC Moronic Moment

Mitt Romney was surely running low on red meat to throw into the mosh pit of C(onversative) PACers yesterday when he reached deep into his Coleman cooler and threw the following gem of a meatball into the claws of his voracious right wing audience:

" Frankly, in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror."

Oh? Pray tell, Mr. Romney, what could you have possibly meant by that?

Did you mean that the longer you stayed in the race you would be making it easier for those dreaded Democratic Party white flag wavers to win against a fractured, demoralized GOP? The Democratic Party you allege would surrender to Al Qaeda? The Democratic Party you allege would refuse to fight in Afghanistan? The Democratic Party you allege would hightail it out of Iraq?

Sorry Mr. Romney. This conservative pig won't fly. You were forced out of this race because the voters rejected your expedient conversion to conservatism. Calling into question the patriotism of Democrats is the best reason I can think of to thank Republican voters for giving you the boot.

Memo to Mitt: those Bush neo and mainstream conservatives whom you so eloquently velcroized yourself to today are running a US government that:

1. Has not captured Osama Bin Laden or his chief deputy in over 7 years.

2. Has jeopardized Afghanistan's struggle for security and democracy by diverting troops and intelligence operations to Iraq.

3. Has failed to prevent Al Qaeda from rebuilding and becoming a direct threat to the U.S. homeland (Mitt, go read CIA McConnell's Congressional testimony this week) .

4. Has failed to come up with any meaningful policy to neutralize the spread of Islamic extremism or the proliferation of terror cells around the world.

5. Has cost this nation thousands of lives and billions of taxpayers dollars by misleading this nation into war and making an unmitigated mess of its occupation of Iraq.

6. Has no effective policy to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

Now, that's a core conversative's record of anti-terrorism achievement you can be proud of Mr. Romney.