Mixed Breed Dog Adoption Campaign Gives Lovable Pooches New, Unique Breed Names (VIDEO)

WATCH: Would You Adopt A Fire-Tailed Border Cocker?

Would you adopt a fire-tailed border cocker? How about a marbled english filamaraner? If you're a dog owner, chances are you probably have a pooch with a similarly wackadoodle name -- at least according to Territorio de Zaguates, a Costa Rican adoption organization.

The group has rechristened thousands of shelter pets under new, unique breed names specific to their genetic makeup and physical characteristics in a bid to spur breed-blind animal adoption. The results have been astounding, with adoption rates jumping 1,400 percent, according to a video about the program.

More than 75 percent of dogs that enter animal shelters in America are mixed breed, according to the ASPCA.

Many of these mutts have a lot of things going for them, including an increased resistance to genetic disease. So if you're looking for a lovable canine of your own and are ready for the responsibility, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or Petfinder.com.

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