13 Beautiful Ads Featuring Mixed-Race Couples (PHOTOS)

13 Beautiful Ads Celebrating Mixed-Race Couples

If you're like us, you were disappointed last week to find out that a new Cheerios ad featuring an adorable mixed-race family was bombarded with a slew of racist comments when it was posted to YouTube.

But we can't let a small group of haters ruin our fun. With summer nearing and love in the air, it's about time we celebrated mixed-race love -- and these companies and advertisers are down.

For example, we love this steamy Ikea ad featuring a passionate couple:

And here's a sexy ad for Old Navy:

This couple found what sounds like a pretty decent sale:


Didn't think cream cheese could be sexy? Think again:

united colors of benetton

Very subtle. Very nice.

Give them their props for sticking with the theme:

banana republic


More family-oriented, but equally cute.

OK, the members of this couple play a minor role but we'll give them some love anyway:

Then, of course, there's the ad that's impossible to hate:

Now here are some ads companies don't want you to see:

12 Ads Companies Don't Want You To See

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