Mixology Astrology: Which Cocktail Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign?

The question "what's your sign" might actually mean something.

"What's your sign?" might sound tired coming from an unwanted approach at the bar, but if your bartender is asking you might want to consider answering. They might be trying to find you the perfect drink for your zodiac sign.

While not everyone puts a lot of stock behind the "science" of astrology, the folks at Drizly called upon their Chief Cocktail Officer, Trisha Antonsen, to assign a cocktail just right for every sign. Because naturally, a capricorn would not be drinking the same thing as a gemini.

Antonsen considered a few different factors -- such as seasonality of ingredients -- when coming up with each cocktail, but the biggest factor was how zodiac personality traits matched with the different flavors and composition of the cocktails. For example, Pisces tend to be exotic and alluring, so she came up with a tropical concoction to be served in a sexy martini glass.

Check out what your sign should be drinking, and imbibe right for your personality.


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