Mixology Season 1, Episode 3: Anchor Babies

Like a bro who's circled back to pick up his anchor baby, we're back for episode 3 of Mixology, charting the odds of our 10 singles in their quest of love and/or lust in NYC. By now, we've met all the players, and become a little more chummy with four of them -- Liv, Ron, Maya and Tom.

In this episode we flash back on Bruce and Jessica's humble beginnings as they continue their tête-à-tête from last week; Ron brings out the dangerous side of Liv (maybe) as they finally share that drink together; and we finally get cued up for what will most likely be Cal and Kacey's big episode next week (spoiler: they're from the same hometown! Awww.)

Let's dive into the score sheet, shall we?


Liv & Ron: We open with these two having a laugh over the hardest fought drink in bar history, and it seems to be going well. So well that Liv feels the need to come clean about being engaged (typical Liv), which Ron takes in charming stride. At this point, we'd like to pause and give kudos to Ron for a serious puke-and-rally. Having made an entrance by throwing up in a stranger's purse, he seems quite chipper and put together. And while the connection between these two seems legit, igniting Liv's wild side to kill a drifter (?!!), steal and guys wallet, and eventually make out, we still don't believe Liv is going home with Ron at the end, dewy peached tongue or not.

Odds of hooking up tonight: 4

Jessica & Bruce: The subject of our flashbacks this week, Jessica and Bruce are surprisingly well matched. Bruce, it turns out, is just an insecure little softie making up for being an awkward little kid and having his two older brothers steal the love of his life (at the same time!). So his macho bravado and weird porn preferences are really just his way of getting back at the entire female species. Jessica, it turns out, is somewhat of a player herself, who finds validation by hooking up with a series of random hot guys at bars (that was actually a twist for us). Given her predilection for trolling, it makes total sense, then, that she can smell Bruce coming from a mile away and, to put it in Bruce's parlance, totally pwns him as he spits his usual arsenal of vaguely offensive pick ups.

But alas! Bruce digs deep in the end, turning an insult from Jessica's horrible friend into a mini little moment of truth, revealing that a little part of that sweet, awkward kid is still in there somewhere. Maybe it was this brief moment of honesty, maybe it was just because he acknowledged Jessica's dress, but her last-minute confession that if all else fails tonight then maybe, maybe, she'll give him her number hints at potentially greater things. In other words, the hot bartender has a little competition all of a sudden.

Odds of hooking up tonight: 6

Cal & Kacey: New pairing alert! Finding it his turn to buy the next round, Cal breaks from his posse and finally gets a little interesting. While ordering what sounds like the worst shot in the world (Whiskey and sambuca? We'll pass), he and our favorite cocktail waitress Kacey discover they're from neighboring obscure towns in Ohio and bond over equally obscure hot dog orders. Boom, instant connection. While we might hold out for a little more info about this burgeoning duo (cue flashbacks next week), we think it's safe to say these two are on a path that ends the following morning.

Odds of hooking up tonight: 7

Tom & Maya: We called it! Maya's tough, tomboy exterior is beginning to crack. Everyone take a drink! And with Tom's failed attempt at the 'anchor baby' maneuver, Maya's strike out with a group of Hawaiians, and the two of them sharing a special moment dissing Don Ho, these two are definitely going to raise kids together.

Odds of hooking up tonight: 9

Mixology airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm EST/PST on ABC, or check out full episodes on Hulu.com