Artist Transforms Photos Of Kids Into Whimsical Illustrations

Costa Rican artist MJ Da Luz calls her latest project "all full of magic and innocence," which are the same words she uses to describe children.

The artist recently stumbled upon Reddit Gets Drawn, a subreddit where people post photos for artists to paint, sketch, or otherwise illustrate. Inspired by the many photos parents had posted of their children, she decided to reimagine them with Adobe Illustrator.

Giving the photos a "playful" and "colorful" touch, the artist said she hopes that people who see her illustrations will see "the pure energy, magic, innocence and life kids have." Da Luz added that children "can light our day with just a smile in a photo or drawing."

Scroll down for a look at some of MJ Da Luz's whimsical illustrations.

Baby Photobombs