MJ fans: Prepare for the Blame the Victim Defense

Make no doubt about it. Conrad Murray (I will not do further damage to the profession of medicine by using his disgraced title) and his group of hired guns, otherwise known as defense attorneys, will sink to even lower depths as they try to save his freedom. For the record: I do not disparage all attorneys, only those that like their client will do anything for a buck. Or more correctly a lot of bucks.

When a perpetrator has no reasonable defense and nearly all hope is gone there is always one last desperate play: blame the victim.

I raped her cause she wanted it. The child had no loving father figure and wanted me to touch them. I only did it because I love her...She made me hit her. We've all heard it before and the world is very likely to hear it again when the victim, Michael Jackson, is put on trial instead of Conrad Murray.

The defense will spare no expense, truth or civility in their attempt to paint a very dark portrait of MJ the 'hopelessly addicted junkie' and probably far worse. They will add further spice as they include just a pinch of past troubles and allegations that have little if anything to do with his death. They will do their best to divert the attention away from their client and refocus the trial on the 'deeply troubled life of desperate man' that accidentally killed himself.

I pray (as a physician) that at the end of the day one question will be answered. Was it the reasonable standard of care in Los Angeles for a doctor to administer a powerful general anesthesia drug to a person in their bedroom that consequently caused the person (an alleged 'hopelessly addicted junkie or not) to die? Or was the doctor practicing sub-standard medicine, outside the scope of his training, in an inappropriate and insufficiently monitored setting?

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