MJM Made The Best R&B Album Of The Year

A few tracks into my first listen of MJM's latest record, MJM Parables Part 1, an EP released by the artist last month, my only thought was, "What?! How is this guy not already insanely rich and famous?"

I've since listened to Parables a few more times through just for fun, and I'm going to keep listening to it for a long, long time. MJM's music is good. Really, really good. Like, don't even finish reading this review. Just listen to the album here or here. Then tell your friends and family to listen to it. Seriously, why is everyone not already listening to this album? Could someone tweet this at Drake or Kanye or Chance or Beyoncé? Hell, tweet it at Adele. They should all stop what they're doing right now and discover MJM.

Inspired by the artists mentioned above, as well as others like Frank Ocean, Lauryn Hill, and Musiq Soulchild, this is MJM--or Mark J. Morgan--'s first attempt at traditional R&B. His previous work has been Christian gospel focused, and you can hear his gospel education and training in his voice. Self-taught on guitar and piano, and the writer of all his own lyrics, MJM seems a bit like an R&B prodigy. It's incredible to think of what he will accomplish with more resources, especially considering what he's already made on his own, like track four from Parables, "Human Nature," featured below.

More than make it big, MJM is an artist who wants to connect. He has said of his work, "I believe this is what I was created for: to reach out to those going through situations that most artists don't touch. I'm vulnerable in my approach but really believe all of my music should have a message and provide resolution in some way."

If you've finished the album and are craving more MJM, check out his cover of "Sweater Weather" by the Neighborhood from a few years back, in which he sings beautifully, again showcasing his raw talent, and drums on an Xbox One borrowed from a friend.