Mary-Kate And Ashley Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing What Elizabeth Olsen Just Did

These are the best-dressed celebs of the week.

We love celebrity siblings. Especially stylish celebrity siblings. And especially, especially stylish celebrity siblings who each do their own thing. And this week on our best-dressed list, we saw just that.

Elizabeth Olsen stormed the red carpet on Tuesday night in an insanely tight and sexy dress. While she could have easily followed in her fashionable sisters' footsteps with an oversized, covered-up gown, she forged her own path -- and can we say, the path looks pretty darn good.

Check out Lizzie's outfit below along with the other stars who made our best-dressed list:

Don't be a copy cat.
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Elizabeth Olsen in Alexander McQueen: It looks like the youngest Olsen sister is really making her own mark when it comes to fashion. This sultry number is like nothing her twin sisters would wear, and we love it. The fit is gorgeous, the neckline adds some visual interest and her wavy hair keeps the entire ensemble young and fun.
Underwear as outerwear is here to stay.
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Gabrielle Union in Stone Cold Fox: Everything this woman touches turns to gold, this outfit included. The underwear as outerwear trend is in full force with this look, but we don't mind the lacy references. Union looks sexy, sophisticated and ready to slay.
Step out of your favorite color palette.
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Karlie Kloss in Victoria Beckham Collection: Now this color wakes you up. Kloss' dress is simple in nature, but that bright, bold, stunning color is punching up her look.
It's OK to stick to what you know.
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Kim Kardashian West: While we admit that Mrs. Kardashian West often wears these monochromatic looks, we love them so much. This one is great because of the balance between her tight top and skirt and her long, oversized coat. We also love the neutral hues against her dark hair.
Please wear black and blue together.
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Kate Hudson in Roland Mouret: The blue and black combo is really making this outfit (more proof that the two colors should be worn together).
Mix bold bottoms with muted tops.
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Chloe Grace Moretz: Her striped pants are the fashion-forward focal point of this outfit, so Moretz was smart to keep the rest of her ensemble neutral. We love how it all comes together.
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