MLB Player Shows What #DadLife Is All About With Viral Tweet

Daniel Hudson brought a special guest to his bullpen session.

It’s common knowledge that parents are multitasking experts, but this professional baseball player is showing just how well he has mastered the art.

On Thursday, Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher Daniel Hudson tweeted two photos of himself practicing at a local high school ... with a special spectator in tow.

It seems Hudson brought his 7-month-old daughter, Baylor Rae, with him. The infant looks pretty comfy and protected in her baby carrier.

“When you’re all about that #DadLife but you gotta get one more bullpen in before you leave for spring training,” Hudson captioned the photos.

The pitcher’s tweet received over 2,000 likes.

In a follow-up tweet, Hudson noted that his catcher was “a tad nervous throwing it back” with such precious cargo nearby.

Admittedly, the situation looks a bit precarious. Still, we can say with confidence that Baylor Rae was probably a lot safer than these babies were...

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