MLB Rookie Showcases Indomitable Spirit During Legendary Silent Treatment

Air high-fives for everyone!

Richie Shaffer has a new set of teammates: imaginary ones.  

The Tampa Bay Rays rookie got his first career hit in the form of a home run against the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night. When he got back to the dugout, he found his teammates huddled up with their backs turned to him. The rookie treatment, basically. 

Shaffer, meet the silent treatment. Silent treatment, meet Shaffer.

The guys were messing with me, so I decided I was going to give some fake high-fives," Shaffer told FOX Sports after the game. 

In our humble opinion, Shaffer's got all the tools to become a great team player.

He's got air high-fives.

The ability to point to no one in particular.

Hot air hugs.

And a personality that can convince his teammates to give him some much-deserved love. 

Way to be, rook. 


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