mLearning: 3 Reasons It Keeps Your Business Moving Forward

There are two significant noticeable shifts happening in our global economy. First, there are more entrepreneurs launching enterprises than ever before. Second, the evolution of smartphones and mobile devices is taking these new businesses to astronomical heights.

Learning how to manage and operate has to be fast and smart. Transitioning into the techno-sphere of operating on a global scale means you have to access available resources that will accommodate any learning curves that may happen in the process. While I believe that traditional learning will eventually catch up or fade out completely, it is evident that hungry learners are realizing there are more readily accessible methods to get the information they need to grow their business, and from resources that are not only competent, but reputable. Additionally, platforms in which this information is being transferred are becoming as varied as the individuals that seek it.

Social media has been a log thrown into this flame of global commerce, and those who were first ignited by its spark are now realizing the financial success that came with their determination and persistence to stick it out and reap the reward of credibility and attaining that coveted title of "EXPERT" or "AUTHORITY." Social proof is becoming the standard for demonstrating effectiveness and without it, anyone would be hard-pressed to build an empire with any speed.

While it may seem that it's too late to catch this wave, it's not. In fact, now is the perfect time to get that dream of having your own business off to a great start. Thanks to the pioneers who laid the foundation of e-commerce, we are now able to build expanded opportunities for consumers in a myriad of ways. The majority of the kinks have already been worked out, and with the demand of more valuable content, authentic experts are stepping up to the plate and giving the people what they want -- REAL VALUE. What has really happened is those seeking information have become savvier and set a higher standard -- meaning, no more BS or hype. They demand strategies that provide a solid action plan for doing what they do with great success.

I have long been an advocate of e-learning and the consumption of big information in smaller bite-size pieces. The flow of content delivered in an e-learning platform must lead the learner on a path to an end result. With the staggering use of mobile devices, it is smart to take big chunks of data and information and break them down so the learner can get it quick and make use of it right then and there.

We live in a "gotta" have it now" society, and with that businesses, in general, must come up with new ways to reach their customers and clients. As a proponent of sharing information and knowledge, I have experienced first-hand the transitions that are taking place in the dissemination of that knowledge.

Appropriately tagged as "mLearning", the mobile explosion has granted another platform for this global economy to expand. mLearning gives the learner a broad capacity to diversify the learning experience, and following are three ways it could benefit you as an entrepreneur, and your customers or clients.

1. Access to specialized knowledge. In the entrepreneurial world, getting the right information from the right expert is key. You will want to seek out those who have specialized knowledge in the area you want to become informed about. There are many training delivery platforms or training libraries that provide the learner with a myriad to topics on business development. You will learn precise strategies, methods, and best-practices to grow your business.

2. Share your specialized knowledge. As an entrepreneur you offer a unique perspective. Your customers and clients need to obtain access to that information, easily and effortlessly. A creative way to educate your customers/clients is to drip the information to them in a non-intrusive way. Network marketers are the experts at dripping, and with the myriad of online tools available, it's easy to do.

3. 24/7 Access, Anywhere, Anytime. mLearning is all about the mobility of the learning experience. Learning wherever you go! If you decide to share your specialized knowledge with your customers/clients, be sure that your deployment platform is accessible across all mobile devices. Talk to an expert in mobile website design and make sure that your site is responsive. This means that all scroll bars are eliminated and you site will automatically adapt to the device from which it's being viewed. This alone, skyrockets your user experience (UX) and engagement.

There are always going to be advances in our global economy. Be the chameleon, adapt and change as necessary to ensure your business will continue to grow. Keep in mind that within our virtual communities it is still about relationships and providing value. mLearning is another option to educating, connect, and converting your target audience.