MMA Fighter Does Front Flip Off Knocked-Out Opponent, Gets Disqualified

"My mother has to see that," an ashamed Drew Chatman said.

This MMA fighter just took bad sportsmanship to a whole new level.

In a Legacy Fighting Alliance match Friday, Drew Chatman had apparently won by knockout over Irvins Ayala in Cabazon, California.

So Chatman did what most fighters do after a victory ― he celebrated. Only he went way too far.

He used the prone Ayala as a human spring board, jumping off his back to perform a front flip. Chatman, 23, got disqualified for striking his opponent after the bell and unsportsmanlike conduct. Ayala was declared the winner, according to reports.

The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) withheld Chatman’s $500 purse and suspended him 90 days, MMA Fighting noted.

“I don’t deserve to get paid for that,” Chatman told MMA Fighting. “It’s disappointing watching that. My mother has to see that.”

If it’s any consolation, Chatman’s initial moment of triumph happened on a fluke anyway. Ayala had taken him to the ground but knocked himself out on Chatman’s knee as he attempted to hit him.

Watch the craziness unfold above.