MMA Fighter Falls Right To The Mat After Brutal Knockout

"I knew he was gone once that front kick landed."

Yes, it's a hazard of the sport: If you fight in MMA, you can get knocked out.

But did knowing that prepare Julio Calcina for the vicious way he was flattened by Sheldon Reid's front kick to the face in the first round of their bantamweight bout Saturday in Liverpool, England?

Even watching it is hard. (Start the above video at 4:45 to jump to the fight, or view the GIF below.)


WARNING: Below GIF is graphic. Scroll down at your own discretion.

Reid earned a £1,200 (more than $1,740) bonus for the quickest knockout of the night, the Liverpool Echo noted.

"I knew he was gone once that front kick landed," Reid told the Echo.

Calcina could be seen on his feet as Reid celebrated his victory, but that will probably hurt for a long time.