Twitter Users Hilariously Pan 'Inclusive' M&M's Rebrand That Nobody Asked For

Not everyone is sweet on the idea.

M&M’s has decided to make its candy mascots more “inclusive,” but not everyone is sweet on the idea.

On Thursday, Mars, Incorporated, the company that makes the popular chocolate treats, declared its “global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive,” according to The Hill.

The candies have long been represented in ads by a series of anthropomorphized characters with loosely established personalities. Now, the company claims each M&M mascot has been better defined and refined ― although a lot of the changes seem to revolve around the various characters’ footwear.

The brown and green M&Ms, who are both female, have new shoes. The brown M&M still wears heels, but now at a more sensible height. Meanwhile, the green M&M has given up her go-go boots for what the company calls “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.”

The red and yellow M&Ms, for their part, now have shoelaces in their shoes, and the orange one has finally tied his laces, according to People.

In addition, the M&Ms will no have prefixes on their names, in order to help emphasize personality over gender.

As you might expect, the rebranding inspired lots of Twitter snark ― and it was glorious.

Some people focused on the orange M&M, who seems to be on a journey toward self-actualization.

Some had more pressing concerns...

And some people jokingly complained that the female M&Ms aren’t hot enough now.

But while there were lots of jokes about “woke” M&Ms, some people put things in the proper perspective.

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