M&M's Super Bowl Commercial Calls Out 'Karens'

The brand took a candy-coated swipe at topical humor for its big-game ad.

Karens” have been everywhere, lying to police about being threatened, throwing meat to protest mask-wearing and getting in the face of LeBron James.

Now a “Karen” is featured in M&M’s Super Bowl commercial, which dropped Wednesday on YouTube. (Watch it below.)

The brand candy-coated its social commentary. But the mere fact that one of the emerging definitions for white privilege made it into a reported $5.5 million ad is noteworthy.

The spot sets out to prove that M&M’s can improve any awkward situation, covering encounters like airline seat-pushing and baby gender reveals gone bad.

Then comes an exchange between two white women in an apartment lobby.

“Sorry I called you Karen,” one them says, handing the other a bag of M&M’s. “That’s my name,” Karen responds. “Sorry your name is Karen,” the woman says, handing her another bag of the treats.

Of course, a previous attempt to pitch a product as a peacemaker didn’t go over so well. Remember Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad?

Be warned, Karens. The M&M’s ad is scheduled to air during the first commercial break after kickoff on Sunday.

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